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7th March 2017
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12th March 2017

I spent 3 hours at White Rose Clinic, York on the evening of Wednesday 8th March, having a professional bike fit using the advanced Retül technology.

This was something that I was recommended to have, since I will be doing so many miles in the saddle.

I can honestly say that the whole experience was thoroughly worthwhile.  Mike and Sally not only ensure their clients receive a warm reception but are experts in their field, working together to get the very best outcome – i.e. interpreting the vast amount of data recorded to make a variety of adjustments to the bike in order to reduce the risk of injury and to increase riding efficiency (and power output).

I was simply blown away by the the Retül technology.  I was wired up to the system, with various sensors at key points on my body (my knees, the base of my little toes, my elbows, etc) and then asked to peddle.  Using digital cameras and the sensors the system was able to capture a ton of vital information about my riding style, position, and efficiency.

Summary of Session

I was tested for flexibility and was found to be, well, flexible (at least flexible enough!).  This allowed Mike more room to make the necessary adjustments to saddle height.

After all the data was collected a number of significant adjustments were made to my bike (Boardman Pro C7 Carbon):

  • The handlebars were rotated down to ease the wrist angle, drop the back angle and to stretch out the arms a little further
  • Saddle height was increased by a whopping 40mm (I was a bit embarrassed by this bit, revealing my ignorance when it came to bike fit).  The result of this will leverage my key muscles (gluteal and quads) to significantly increase my power output (or speed, or both!).
  • My seat angle was increased to improve my forward position
  • My cleats were adjusted to improve my Knee to Foot Forward angle

Throughout the whole session Mike and Sally took the time to explain the data to to me and the potential impact of bike adjustments they were making.

Digital photos were taken of my position both pre-fit and post-fit, with noticeable differences to all of my key angles such as back angle, leg stretch and elbow angles.

Pre-bike fit

Pre-bike fit

Post-bike fit

Post-bike fit

Detailed Report

As part of the service Mike provided a comprehensive report that included a set of statistics, recorded as part of my fit.

The first of these statistics included the exact setup of my bike post-fit – useful as a reference point in the event my bike had to be replaced.  The remaining data showed all my riding angles.

The Result

Due to dramatic saddle height adjustment my first ride the following morning (12.5 miles) felt ‘strange’.  My legs were stretching further than they had been used to and I was not used to being so ‘up high’.

However, I felt a noticeable difference riding up the hills.  Previously, riding hills either tired me out or forced me out of the saddle.  Now, I seem to effortlessly ride them while seated, only getting out of the saddle for the steep ones.

The evening ride the same day saw more tangible gains.  On my regular commuter ride I broke my previous record, completing a 12.5 mile ride in 42 minutes 27 seconds, averaging 17.7 mph in rush hour traffic with several traffic light stops.  On this ride Strava recorded 12 segment PRs.  I had previously ridden this route 17 times.

White Rose Clinic

I would highly recommend a Retül bike-fit at White Rose Clinic for anyone serious about cycling.

Their full contact details are:

White Rose Clinic
Heworth House
YO31 0RP
Telephone: 01904 622599

Ask for Mike or Sally.

Retül Bike Fit Technology

For more information on the Retül bike fit system I recommend watching the following video

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